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as possible. The idea is that a



$ cd dillinger
$ npm install -d
$ node app

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Hello I am Antonio&knm
First of all I would like to thank John Collins for his guide ‘Penis Enlargement Bible’
I saw many penis exercisers posting in health forum that it takes them around year or two to get their desired penis size. But since I have to marry my girlfriend in just 6 months and with 5 inches dick I know I can’t satisfy my future wife so I disregard Penis exercise at first.
Within just 3 months I gain 2.5 inches and now I am having 7.5 inches dick and also have great control on my ejaculation.
There are many people you see are living happily in their life but most of these people are not happy with their penis size and they keep on searching how to get a bigger penis. As this is the very sensitive topic that is why you feel that you are the only one who having small (less than average 6 inches) penis.
I created this how to get a bigger penis guide after lots of search because I was once in your boots. I always feel my penis will grow during Puberty but it never grows or maybe it grows but not that much. Since I am living on very tight budget that is why surgery is not the option for feel. Secondly&knm forums and discussion boards are full of negative reviews about penis enlargement pills that is the reason these are very risky to try.
I started my research about how to make your penis bigger when I discover few people reported that they found 2 inches increase in their penis with the help of penis enlargement exercises. During my research I found many exercises some are good for starting level and some are little bit more advanced exercises. Mostly advanced exercises are for treating penis curve&knm premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Thankfully I was not suffering from these problems. I decided to start working on basic exercises to enlarge my penis.
You believe it or not my penis gains 1.6 inches in just 3 months.
Yes&knm at the time of start exercises my penis was hardly 5 inches but now it is around 6.8 inches.
Since these results are significant that is reason I decided to put this guide online and see how I get response from people like you. Let me tell you penis enlargement exercise is considered as safest and best method for penis enlargement additionally&knm you don’t need expensive equipments to get started.
I created this how to make your penis bigger guide in very simple way. In the starting I will tell you how to measure your penis correctly then I will tell you how you can remain safe for better results. Then I will give you three different penis enlargement exercises and in the end I will share my workout routine with you.
How To Measure Your Penis:
Flaccid Length:
Stand straight and extend your penis in front of you (it is important to don’t stretch it) with your one hand and put measuring tape at the side of your penis with the other hand. Mark down inches or centimeter of your penis and write down in piece of paper.
Erect Length:
Erect length is the most important because most men are interested in gaining erect length. To measure your erect length you first have to gain 100% erection (without watching P0RN video). Then put measuring tape at the side of your penis and mark down inches or centimeter. It is important to use same measuring unit throughout your progress.
Erect Girth:
Flaccid Girth:
Flaccid girth is awkward because different men have different flaccid girth as they measure flaccid girth from different position. Again the best way to measure your flaccid girth is by measuring it from center position. Stand straight then extend your penis with one hand and use other hand to put measuring tape around the penis at the center of shaft. Mark the measurement and write it down into piece of paper.
Few Things To Remember When To Start Your Penis Exercise:
Before you start performing penis enlargement exercises it is important for you to remember few things.
Public Hair:
Before starting penis exercises it is important to cut off public hair. This is because public hair can cause irritation during exercises. By cutting off public hairs your penis will actually make look bigger.
Warming Up:
To start the warming up exercise you have to get short towel or large cloth and make it wet with hot water. Remove the excess water from towel by wiring it out. Wrap the hot cloth around your shaft and testicles. Hold it for 2 minutes then remove the cloth and repeat this progress for two more minutes. You have to do this process for 3 times and then dry off your penis and testicles.
Warming Down:
Warming down is also important to reduce the risk of injury. Warming down exercise doesn’t take a lot of time because all you need to do is to massage your penis in flaccid state for 2-3 minutes. Some penis exercisers also use warming up exercise to warm down penis.
Penis Enlargement Exercise:
Now these days&knm there are very few penis enlargement programs available that provide genuine and valid way to increase penis size and one of such program is John Collin’s Penis Enlargement Bible that will show you powerful 2-step method to reactivate penis growth.
Unfortunately&knm many marketers jump into penis enlargement market just to sell their fake copies and make few dollars. These penis exercise plans are just copy-paste work and they provide no benefit because these are created by those who don’t know anything about penis exercise.
For this reason we did our own research&knm download few programs and finally we conclude that there are only three penis exercises that are useful. All other exercises are either ineffective or are just another variation of these three exercises.
Let’s take a look on these three penis enlargement exercises:
PC Muscle Exercise / Kegel Exercise:
How to Do it?
The first step of performing PC muscle exercise is finding your PC muscle. For beginner it is little bit difficult to find this PC muscle because this muscle is located in between anus and scrotum.
To find this PC muscle you have to go to toilet and start urinating. Try to stop urinating and the muscle that gets tensed is the PC muscle. Another way to find PC muscle is getting erection and move your penis right and left without touching it. The muscle that is used to move your penis is PC muscle.
PC Muscle Exercise 1 – Contraction and Relaxation:
Experts never set any limit for contraction and relaxation but as per our research we find 24 is the number that everyone must focus on. At starting you have to try doing 24 contractions and relaxations and rest it for 2-5 seconds and start doing till 5 sets of these. If it is too much for you then you must start from 16 and slowly build it.
PC Muscle Exercise 2 – Breathing and Contraction:
As we already see contraction and relaxation in previous section and in this exercise you have to connect contraction with your breathing. To start off this exercise you first need to relax and make sure you breathe in and out easily.
Start contracting your PC muscle slowly and gradually until you reach the deepest point and you feel you can’t go any further than this. Now start holding your breath and count till 20. Once you count till 20 then start releasing your PC muscle. Try to hold for more than 20 seconds and focus till reaching one minute.
PC Muscle Exercise 3 – Climb the Hill:
This is the exercise that will increase intensity in PC muscle exercise. You have to start off by holding PC muscle gently and hold it for 5 seconds then your next contraction should be harder than the previous one.
Once you reach your deepest contraction of PC muscle hold it for 5 minutes and restart again from the beginning.
PC Muscle Exercise 4 – Tidal Wave:
Tidal wave is bit different from other exercises because you have to start from light contraction but instead of releasing it you have to increase its intensity slowly. This should go 3 to 4 minutes a stretch and hold the contraction for 30 more seconds where you feel you can’t contract further.
The great thing about these PC muscle exercises is you can perform them anywhere and these doesn’t need to lubricate your penis as well.
Penis Stretching Exercise:
Another important penis enlargement exercise is stretching exercise. This is great exercise because it increases penis length. It is important to understand penis girth is least affected by penis stretching exercise.
Before performing this exercise make sure you apply proper lubrication on your penis. Always perform this exercise with extreme care because any mistake can cause pain and skin irritation.
In our own research we found that there are two variations of penis stretching exercise that are most powerful. These two variations are:
Twirl Method:
In this method you have to create ‘OK’ sign with your left hand’s forefinger and thumb and hold the top of penis (just below the penis glans). Now&knm start moving your penis in right&knm left&knm upward and downward position slowly and gently. Now rotate your penis 5 times in clockwise direction and 5 times in anti-clockwise direction.
Pull and Slap Method:
This is little bit different than twirl method. In this method create ‘OK’ sign using your left hand’s forefinger and thumb and hold the top of penis (just below penis glans). After moving your penis in right&knm left&knm upward and downward position now wait for 20 seconds and then slap your penis into your left hand 15 times and right leg 15 times.
<Advanced> Twirl and Slap Method:
Wet Jelqing:
This exercise is also known as ‘Wet Milking’ because you have to apply lubricant on your penis before starting this exercise. If your penis dries out in between the exercise then you have to stop the exercise and apply the lubricant again.
To perform wet jelqing you have to create ‘OK’ sign with your left hand’s forefinger and thumb and hold it from the bottom of the penis then use your right hand to bring your penis forward and keep your left palm facing in outward direction (facing outside the body). Move your left hand from bottom to top of the penis but don’t slide it.
It is important to perform wet jelqing with 50-70% erection. If you get 100% erection then stop for doing this exercise few minutes to bring your penis again to 50-70% erection. It also possible you will get urge for ejaculation&knm it is better to hold it for better results.
Dry Jelqing:
Warm up – 5 minutes
Penis Stretches – 5 minutes
Basic Jelq – 10 minutes
Warm down – 5 minutes
Penis Enlargement Exercise Routine:
Inside Penis Enlargement Bible&knm John Collins will show you simple 2-step method that will create proper environment for penis growth and if you continue doing these three exercises you will see your penis gain 1-2 inches in just 20-30 days.

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